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Default Re: Derek Jeter's contract up - Yankees suddenly fiscally responsible - Why?

I think they should give him a 4 yr deal. Jeter will make up for it with the revenue he can produce for the Yankees.

They gave Posada a 4 yr deal when his deal was up? And it aint like they are hurting for money. I don't see why you would try this with Jeter?

Jeter is Mr. Yankee, its very smart to sign him because they will make money from all the milestones he will eventually hit if in a yankee jersey. Tshirts, mugs, pictures, etc.

What they should do is offer him a post-playing career gig. That would be a way to meet in the middle. The biggest issue is gonna be if he cant play ss, they can't move him to 3rd, or 1st? Maybe left field but how good is his arm back there?

And for the record, Tex is gonna be earning his contract also, that is a bad man. And a star defensively which often gets overlooked.
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