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Default Re: Derek Jeter's contract up - Yankees suddenly fiscally responsible - Why?

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
No, they hand out ridiculous contracts to players they expect to be good. The fact that those players don't live up to their contracts is a different story.

Again, they will be overpaying Jeter by about double what he would get anywhere else. They are not playing hardball with him. The only thing that is stopping him from signing the contract is his ego, since he has an obsession with ARod.

Well no one else is expecting them to be good. I can't imagine they are either. Do you watch tv? Read the internet? They hand out millions to players that everyone else knows are on the downside or will crumble in the big market. Why start being responsible with the face of the franchise.

They're offering him tons more than any other team in the league would be willing to offer. I don't see how they're playing hardball.

How is that any different than A-Rod or the other players they over pay. With this guy you actually have a reason to fork it over.

Makes no sense.
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