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Default Re: Derek Jeter's contract up - Yankees suddenly fiscally responsible - Why?

Who are these bad players they were giving huge contracts to? The bad contracts I can remember are players like Giambi, Randy Johnson, and Carl Pavano. All of them were really good before they got to NY, and just either didn't perform once they got to NY or got hurt. It's not like they were giving $50 million to players like David Eckstein.

They gave a huge contract to Arod before the steroid thing came out. Looking back now, it's a bad contract, but at the time they had to do it. He was on his way to 800 home runs, and there was no one else on the market that can match his productivity. On top of that, he is a much better player than Jeter. Despite being injured last year, he hit 30 homers and 100 rbi, while missing quite a lot of time. He also signed that contract at a younger age than Jeter. In hindsight, the Yankees should not have paid him that much. They made a mistake. In business, if you make a mistake and learn from it, you should not make the same mistake again.

Jeter is basically asking the Yankees to make another mistake because he feels they owe him something. Well the Yankees don't owe him anything. The Yankees were successful before Derek Jeter. The Yankees were successful with Derek Jeter. And the Yankees will be successful without Derek Jeter.
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