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Originally Posted by Shogon
IF Miami wins the Finals, and that's a big IF mind you because I called Dallas to win the title at the beginning of the playoffs, the Finals MVP will most likely go to Wade cause he'll most likely put up the prettier stats. Doesn't mean that he'll be the MVP of that team, just that that's how everyone will view it.

I still think Dallas will take the title though. Once they beat SA in SA it was pretty much proven that they are the best team in the league and going all the way. Dirk has become a monster with his aggressiveness on the boards and defensively.

Short of Phoenix really lighting it up so hard that Dallas can't catch them, Dallas is taking the title.

Dirk is an absolute nightmare matchup for every single player in the league.

That's the same arrogant attitude that Piston fans had against us. I wouldn't dismiss the Heat so easily.
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