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Default Re: Amar'e Stoudemire Fan Thread

The man deserves his props, whether you like him or not. He is a franchise player, because he took the Suns & lead them as a leader with or without Nash. He came to a desprite NY team, & was positive. Paycheck? Yes, sure he's being paid without a doubt, but, it takes courage to come to this team & city to perform under our fan system.

Other people & players are quick to judge, but he made the strong move. He's 8th in the league in going to the line. He knocks down hiw FT's, he can be the open man for hitting a open 3, he blocks when needed even though he's poor on defense, he's offensively good, has his mindset, but he needs to relax when he plays. He's been getting technicals for nothing, that could cost the game for us.

What I don't like about this guy, is that he sometimes gives up to quickly. Also, when he fouls, you think, he would know how to properly foul a guy when he's driving to the basket, he needs to wrap his arms around him preventing the shot from possibly even making the basket, he picks the foul & the player picks up the &1. As time progresses, I see him being a leader, he's on the court, telling them what to do when not needed.

He has a lot of effort, but effort cannot just be put into one person to decide if the teams a playoff contending team, he needs support. I think the problem with this team, is the lack of discapline. People like Gallo cannot be taking rushed threes, every time he's open, feels he's hot, or made one previously. Taking threes isn't going to determine who wins the ball game, making them does.

Mozgov, he is just sloppy. I think they need to bench him & put Ronny in there. He's motivation, a fan favorite, very boostful guy when it comes into giving the team the energy. Love his gamestyle. Douglas, I love his defensive abilities, his strength to fight screens, see the court with proper vision, hitting open shots. Felton has good vision, he runs plays, he's trying his hardest. Very fast, can drive to the basket.

Chandler, when he's hot, he is most definitely hot. When he's cold, it brings the team down. Fields, is very quick, grabs 7 rebounds per game I think it is averaging now. Very acrobatic.

The teams good, there's no complain on who needs to leave & who needs to play harder. It's a team effort. I think what we need is someone who puts these guys in strict leadership.
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