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Default Re: Finally, I have an offer for Blake Griffin! Take it?

Originally Posted by Pouch26
Good advice. I've been watching Blake and he makes me nervous. I feel like he's eventually going to hurt himself and I'll miss out. I guess I should just ride it out. I did get him in the 8th round, so I guess I should remember that fact. Thanks all!

YOu can still trade him but the reason should be to improve on those 5 core cats, while hopefullying adding a 6th category to your strengths. If you're concerned with injury then you need to look at alternatives but for a team punting FT%, he is a good fit. Perhaps look for a package that includes a guy like Okafor, or Bogut (hurt though) etc which maintains your FT% strategy. Or try and get a guy who provides some stls, because you look like you should be able to make that your 6th category. Try and make it a big man who steals so you maintain the FG%.
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