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Originally Posted by hotsizzle

c'mon man. contender in two yrs??? no way. the C postion is deep but the forward position would get abused. allen and walton starting at the forwards...nah man, i dont think so. plus, how do you know these players will fit well in the system??? If you want to trade odom, then trade him for a significant player that is available now. a package for KG, JO, or even ben gordon along with chicago's picks.

Mo.Williams has played in a system before Utah
Duhon played at Duke and Chicago
As for the PF position, most teams are going small these days,
System guys can be found in Free Agency or in small trades.
Blockbusters usually involve intuitive players that won't fit well in structured systems like the triangle. The Lakers need players that are good at changing directions and pace on cuts and guys that can spot up for middle range jumpers more than they need athletes with speed. Look at Jordan's Bull teams and the players they surrounded him with. No KG's or O'Neal's were ever brought in. They need shooters that can stop PG penetration both Williams and Duhon provide that. Your too caught up in star power dude, even if this team does not work out all these guys contracts are short so they can be jetisoned for next Years Free Agent Class.
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