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Jennings picked up the slack against the Bobcats , but part of this thread is not only to look at his shooting 'why's' ..
but also to look at his assists and plays that would of called for a pass instead of a shot.
Perfect example was the last Bucks play of the game against the Bob's..
Jenning's drives to the hoop and literally draws 4 defenders to the lane to contest his scoop shoot that missed , why two strokers sitting on the perimeter on the weak side no less , were sticking their finger up their ass.
My point is some of the close games the Bucks have , could of been easy wins , simply based on shoot selections.
YEP he won the game , with 2 free throws ..

but does that account for the record the Bucks have

Ironically I have been watching Teke lately , and if the Bucks swapped Teke for Jennings , Teke would be a better fit..
Why , because Teke only drive to the lane , and looks for his shooters , why Jennings is happy to be the first option, and if he doesn't have the shot, will be happy to drive to the traffic lane for a contested shot...
(sometimes I see Iverson in a Bucks uniform) - just what Skiles wants hummmm
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