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Default Re: The Knicks "Starting Lineup"

My starting 5 would be.....

PG Marbs....He is our captain and best ball handler. So one else can say that.
SG Q...He is good defender on the wing as has a great inside-out game.
SF Balkman..I'm just high on his energy. he is a good defender, and he is
quicker than he looks. He usually looks for that dunk when available. A
double-double possible guy if he had the minutes.
PF Frye is kind soft to me, but as long as he attacks the rim I'm satified.
There is something wrong with his game though.
C Curry...What choice do we have?

7th Lee shouldn't not start. he is great in his role now. He be at the end of the bench with the jumping beans in the warmups. So need to interfere with that.
6th man ...Crawford. Just because he knows to come in and shoot and attack the rim. And do a little work with running the offense. He really has no pressure at all.

Jeffries has to earn his keep. I don't like him at all right now. He is just too "average".

Nate Robinson should have been sent to the D-League. Just for growing up and honing his skills. I agreed 100% with LB on that.

If Marbs is injured at any time, Collins should get run just because he can play d and has good ballhandling skills.

That's my rotation if I were the Coach.
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