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Default Re: King James Wants Erik Spoelstra To Bow To Him

it didn't seem too long ago when like 90% of the basketball world was all over lebron's jock. now most of them hate his ass with a passion. don't think i ever seen this kind of tremendous turn around for a player. i think losing probably has a lot to do with it. if the heat were undefeated, he'd probably still be absolute king and worshipped like king.

i was always kinda in the middle in terms of feeling for lebron. when all the groupies were all up his junk, i thought it was overboard. but now the opposite is happening and tons of people just hate and hate him. i think that's kinda overboard too. he is what he is. he's done nothing to make me change my opinion. i never "worshipped" him but i never "hated his guts" neither. he's just still the same to me. he's a basketball player on tv, not a buddy or a friend. some fans can't distinguish these things. or maybe most people can't think for themselves but just go by whatever is popular at the moment, and bashing lebron is pretty popular now.

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