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Default Re: Cousins kicked out of practice

To continue, not everyone can be treated the same. This isn't the army, you know. If you start treating everyone the same and one person doesn't accept it, why is it the common reaction to say well, everyone else accepts it so therefore you are being a baby. And then to continue to try to treat them the same or, even, be more harsh on them.

Even if you do succeed in breaking them, you have changed them and they don't like you. It's kind of like all of those people who get kidnapped and locked in someone's basement for 10 years. They might not talk back, but they have a very skewed perception of you.

People say he shouldn't be treated differently. Why not? He was a top pick. As an investment, he deserves more than any other player on the team other than Tyreke. Obviously, you don't worship him, but it makes a lot more sense to try to cater to his needs and see what he's trying to do.

Like I said, though... not everyone is the same. People are motivated differently and some people hate being told what to do and, generally, resent authority. Do you really think that means they can't play in the NBA? That's bullshit. In another career, those people would become leaders or own their own company but in the NBA, apparently, everyone has to be a soldier or a slave to the coach.

There are other ways to motivate people, and it's really pathetic that some of you guys see other forms of motivation as bending to his will. I guess they'd rather him hate the coach and jack up 3s. heh. It's not about winning against your own players... it's about winning the game. And you need to get your best players out on the court and ready to play as hard as they can.

But it's really up to them because eventually he will end up somewhere and be handled correctly and will succeed. People mention players like Rasheed or Iverson as guys who had their career influenced by their attitude but really, those guys were studs. I don't think that's a bad thing.

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