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Default Re: NBA suspends Stephen Jackson a game

Originally Posted by rufuspaul
Jack is tied with Dwight Howard for most Ts this year yet you won't see DW getting suspended. It's not fair but it never has been. Waging a war of one is doing neither Jack nor the Bobcats any good. He needs to drink a nice hot cup of shut the f*ck up and just play ball.

I like that bolded part, I might steal it sometime.

Jack got a rep for being testy with refs, so anytime he does something its magnified. He doesn't get the same treatment as other guys who linger on the court after getting ejected, or talking loudly towards an official.

But I don't see what Andre Johnson and Finnegan has to do with this? Different league, different rules, different penalties, different salary structures. The NFL suspends/fines guys almost blindly the past couple years.

Harrison tackles a dude "leading" with his helmet and gets 75K.
Andre Johnson goes Mike Tyson on Finnegan and gets 25K.

One is a football play, hard to stop just before tackling to move your dome to the side while full speed trying to stop forward progress.

The other is a non-football play that can just as easily ruin a players career if that uppercut connected

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