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Default Re: Cousins kicked out of practice

Originally Posted by ILLsmak
To continue, not everyone can be treated the same. This isn't the army, you know. If you start treating everyone the same and one person doesn't accept it, why is it the common reaction to say well, everyone else accepts it so therefore you are being a baby. And then to continue to try to treat them the same or, even, be more harsh on them.

Huh? You think the successful teams in the NBA, everyone isnt on the same page? What is this rebellious attitude you're promoting? Everyone is going right, you go left and thats ok. Because i'm different so everyone adjust to you going left. Get out of here. I dont get that.

People say he shouldn't be treated differently. Why not? He was a top pick. As an investment, he deserves more than any other player on the team other than Tyreke. Obviously, you don't worship him, but it makes a lot more sense to try to cater to his needs and see what he's trying to do.

He's proven nothing. He's a rookie. He's never been successful at the professional level. To think you have to cater to his needs is beyond hilarious and not dealing with reality. Go back to school and finish the rest of your college career. This is one argument why kids making the jump as "not ready" becomes somewhat valid. Pay your dues.

Like I said, though... not everyone is the same. People are motivated differently and some people hate being told what to do and, generally, resent authority. Do you really think that means they can't play in the NBA? That's bullshit.

Are you serious?

Demarcus Cousins is this you?
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