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Default Re: Why can't LBJ and DWade learn from Ginobili?

Originally Posted by Scal
Like a lot of people have mentioned, old habits die hard.

LeBron and Wade would have been ball dominate their entire lives in organised ball, through high school/college, and into their pro careers. Whereas Manu, I imagine, would have probably come through in a more Euro, ball-movement type of game which encourages you to move off the ball and into open spots on the floor, rather than having a guy go 1-on-1 that a lot of American players tend to favor.

I said at the start of this whole Miami experiment that Wade would probably have to improve as a spot-up shooter (as I saw LeBron being handed the primary ball-handling duties). And so far LeBron has been more consistent and when Wade has struggled the Heat tend to lose (Wade is really the barometer for the Heat).

I must first admit i have only seen 3 Heat gm. All blow outs ,but what I have seen is players standing around watching.This team doesnt have a floor leader. Wade and Bron are both trying not to do too much so that they include each other. But many times when its clicking they look unstopable. I dont understand when people say they cant play together. They did just fine in the Olympics with even more star players. I dont want to put all the blame on Spo but if the players aren't working together its the system not the players when you have that much talent.
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