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Default Re: Let's talk Charlie V

I think Charlie is kind of "getting it" this year. If he keeps this attitude up for he next 3 years of his deal too, he will be looked at as a huge bargain. He's not a premiere offensive player, but he can score in multiple ways and will always probably fall in the 15-18 ppg area. He's improving defensively and is a solid to strong, but not elite rebounder.

I see his role long term with us as being Antonio Mcdyess like(not that they are the same player). A backup 4 with Monroe starting and getting 10-15 minutes at C. Charlie isn't a starter probably, but is better than a backup. 25 minute type, hopefully kind of our Odom. With those 2 in the mix, the C should be a Gortat or Vareajo type who brings mostly size,defense and energy. Jerebko and Daye can fight over the 3 spot and get spot minutes at the 4 with Summers probably ranking 3rd as far as that role goes. Prince and TMac will walk, Rip probably gets dealt but we'll see. Rip for Caron Butler would be nice, just to dump the contract I mean. Dallas could use Rip actually. Stuckey could be moved in a trade or at least to a combo guard off the bench role. Bynum is trade bait in that scenario, otherwise remains in the backup PG role. He's better in that role if A). the PG is someone other than Stuckey and B). Gordon is starting so Bynum can come out and just kind of attack and have the ball in his hands.

Stuckey,Prince,Ben,1st for Nelson and Gortat?

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