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Default Re: Is dealing my Collison for Kaman giving away too much?

Originally Posted by benJAMin
Managed to trade Tyson Chandler's recent hot play for Ibaka. Pretty happy with the deal in terms of upside, hopefully it can pay off down the road once Robin Lopez comes back, as I'm using Frye in my lineup until then. Team is now:

CP, Monta, Deron
Gallo, Love, Batum
Nene, Darko
MoWill, Frye
Ibaka, Collison, Harrington, Amir

I may just plug Ibaka in if Batum isnt playing well, or can use Amir if needed in case Ibaka stays cold. I've got guard help with Collison in case someone gets hurt, and hopefully Harrington can be huge if/when Melo is dealt from Denver. Darko is helping me shore up blocks, and fg% is slowing rising as well. Need to keep an eye on rebounds and scoring but they're in pretty good shape overall for now. Last challenge is to stay healthy...

I think that that Chandler deal was much better for you than the original deal you were trying to make.
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