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Default Is Cecil Newton that different from Ronnie Chalmers or Vivian Harper?

In 2000, Chris Duhon's mother (Vivian Harper) moved out to Durham and worked a job specifically created for her; her colleagues felt she was overpaid and under-qualified. The CEO of the company displays a basketball signed by the 1991 Blue Devils championship team on his desk.

Ronnie Chalmers served as the "Director of Basketball Operations" at Kansas for three years. You'll never guess who happened to be starting at the Jayhawks at the same time. Strangely, when Mario took his talents to the NBA, Ronnie (who lived in Alaska previously) decided he wanted to pursue opportunities outside of Lawrence.

If Cecil Newton had gotten a six-figure job as a "pastoral care specialist" at Auburn would this be a story? He wants to refurbish his church and now this is a national scandal?

Also known as -- why do people think Scott Drew hired one of the Dwon brothers? Here's my guess: It had NOTHING to do with his effort to get John Wall to Waco.
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