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Default Re: Build-a-table Assignment!

Originally Posted by blondie
hahaha I had to do this same stupid project in september, only we had a 13 person design team and came up with something good

I dont know how good your school is or how serious you're taking this project but that table looks more fine art based and conceptual, aren't they more interested in the spacial dynamics and design of the table itself and not just the decor that fits the concept? Your thing is more interior design than it is architectural.

you're right, its an intro-to-environmental design course, which is a prerequisite for the architecture faculty. The project is based on order, unity, and how the table can relate to your client.
Nothing really architectural about it, which is why this course is pretty pointless. I'm not a fan of it, but at least doing a serial killer table made it a little interesting.
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