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Default Re: Kings@Hornets game thread

Originally Posted by L.O.J.
In order to do what? get the 8th seed lose 4-1 and do it again next year?

Every loss brings them closer to a high lottery pick or at the very least, a change to the core of the team.

That is basically what I'm thinking right now... I mean what's the point of getting the 8th seed to be Dallas/Phoenix's roadkill. We are just a speed bump at best for one of those teams if we even make it. There is no point in getting the 8th seed. Right now the Kings have the 6th worst record in the NBA, the Kings are closer to the Greg Oden sweepstakes than they are to the 8th seed. Heck I don't even know if we could grab the 8th seed by making a blockbuster trade, there are some good teams in front of us. The Clippers are ahead of us, the Nuggets are ahead of us, the TWolves are ahead of us, the Trailblazers are ahead of us, and the Warriors are ahead of us.

I rather try my luck in the lotto, deal for youth and a pass first point guard, get cap room than make the 8th seed and do nothing. If we got the 6th pick in the draft right now we'd be able to choose from Horford/McRoberts/Thabeet and all 3 can help us. We're the 6th worst team in the league right now. Get lucky and we get the 3rd or 4th pick and we can grab Brandan Wright. Continue to suck AND get lucky and you possibly pick Durant/Oden and that is a win/win situation. So you can get your franchise player or at worst(if you trust Petrie's eye for talent) you get your PF of the future. That sounds great to me.

Bottom line is if we suck this year and deal away our vets we can put ourself in a position to be good for the next decade. We'd have a chance at a franchise player, cap room and more expiring contracts to facilitate a trade/deal for(or sign) a star player, and we'd have a ton of young players getting valuable experience this season. This fan base needs re-energizing and the only way to do that is by getting young guys who hustle and have a great future on this team. Fans are sick of seeing the team be mediocre and get 1st round/out.
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