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Default Re: Jamal Crawford coming of age

LouV is right. This is what Crawford is. He is not "coming of age". This is what he has been since his days in Chicago. He is a streak shooter who will have a great shooting game one day and then shoot 9-24 the next three nights. He takes too many bad shots and can paralyze the offense at time. He is not scared to take a big shot which is sometimes good, but how many times this year have we seem him with the ball with 10 seconds left in the quarter or the game and everyone knows he is not giving the ball up, the only problem with that is he is not good enough to isolate himself and take every big shot.

The Knicks made one of those classic mistakes where you trade for someone because they always have big games against you. Crawford had alot of biggames against the Knicks as a Bull and Isiah fell in love and gave him more money than he is worth.
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