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Default Why do we lose? Will this team ever be great.

I am getting very frustrated with the Knicks.

It's always 3 steps ahead 3 steps behind.

Crawford scores 52 points and we think we have the second coming of Bernard King......forget it.

So he can shoot, I have said that when he gets hot it's lights out.

But he makes bad decisions on the court and cannot, will not play defense. So he is a bench player who is used when you need instant offense. If Crawford can't deal with that fact, tough. Either step it up on the fundamentals or be a role player. If you don't like it, tough Jamal, deal with it and become a team player.

Now Curry, yes against lesser opponents he is a monster, but as soon as he runs into a team that knows how to play him, he is nullified. Why?....because he can't play defense and can't pass.

Marbury has made strides to become the complete player needed to win in the NBA so I don't have anything to say about him now.

Jefferies is well, what he is. A guy off the bench who can play defense and cause problems for the other team. He is not a starter and cannot score. Zeke should look at old Knick film and see how Red used Action (Phil) Jackson.

Q Rich is the leader and a great all around player. Isiah keep him at the 2 with a swing to the 3 depending on matchups and that's it!!!!!!!!

Jerome James is a waste, send him home with a cheese burger and call it a day. As long as he is on the roster and in the club house this team will be a loser.

Cato should be getting more minutes and be the backup center depending on the rotation and team you are playing.

Frye is being wasted, he has a sweet jump shot and Curry doesn't kick it out to him at all. They should have an excellent 2 man game inside and outside but do not play well together which brings us to....

Lee, he is a double double waiting to happen. He can play the 3 and guard most of the 3's with a little help. That's the thing, this team gives no defensive help. If he can't cover a three and is having problems we have Jefferies and Q to swing. Lee also works better with Curry than Frye does because he makes things happen. This is why Curry, Frye and Lee should start and learn to work together as a unit playing as many minutes together until they foul out. Learn to help defend and pass to each other as a TEAM!!!!

Zeke pulls guys too soon, let them foul out. They need time on the court and he should just let them learn and play. He's doing a Larry Brown!!!!!

That's our big THREE, Curry, Frye, Lee. Let them play Together for about 35 minutes a game or until they foul out.

Isiah's rotation sucks!!!!!!

He is proving to be a poor coach and I am very disappointed with his choices of who starts and who comes off the bench. He misused Jefferies and expected too much from him. Now he is totally useless and has lost his confidence thanks to Zeke, dumb.

So as it stands this team will lose game after game until a real coach comes in here and defines roles and plays the players who deserve to play not contracts.
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