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Originally Posted by adamcz
Don't ignore the fact that if they keep him, they not only get to sell tickets and remain profitable, but they can also use him to mentor all the lottery picks they'll aquire. If you're the owner, there's more to it than trying to win a championship. I'm sure they'd love to retire #21 someday.

Out of all of your posts I have read, I finally agree with one. KG has too much invested in this city to just up and leave over a trophy. If he wins one it wont solidify his status more than it is now. He will still be a 50 greatest player. If we rebulid now the team would be horrible (probably) and we wont sell any tickets and end up like my hometown team the Atlanta Hawks! KG is my favorite Player behind MJ and that will never change, even if he doesnt win a ring!
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