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Default Re: How Good Are Isiah's Draft Picks?

Hold on. Maybe I'm watching some other team.

David Lee plays 35 minutes a night. Doesn't matter if he starts or comes in off the bench. He plays 35 minutes a night. ISIAH THOMAS IS NOT RETARDING HIS GROWTH.

Renaldo Balkman is playing exactly how many minutes he should be playing. About 18 minutes a night. He's a rookie. He makes mistakes. He plays well but he makes mistakes. He doesn't deserve more than 18 minutes a night yet.

Channing Frye also is getting about 18 minutes a night. He doesn't play defense, and his offense is inconsistent. He deserves about 18 minutes a night.

Larry Brown retarded growth last year. Isiah is doing exactly what he should do as a coach.
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