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Default Hibbert for Arenas?

This is in a 10 team head to head keeper league. Keep 5. I need your help guys since this is my first keeper league!

I'm barely first place right now. I'm undefeated in blocks, 4-2 in rebounds and 2-4 in 3ptm. Should I trade my Hibbert for Arenas? Or will I be losing too much rebounds? Does Arenas have potential to be a keeper if he is traded? Is Hibbert a def keeper on my team?

My team:
Brandon Jennings
Devin Harris
Kyle Lowry
Baron Davis
Rodney Stuckey
Dwyane Wade
Caron Butler
Paul Pierce
Josh Smith
Javelle McGee
Amare Stoudemire
Andrea Bargnani
Roy Hibbert

Bold are my for sure keepers.
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