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"He is better than Skita. Not as good as Dirk"???? What does that mean? Yeah, one could also say he is better than Brian Cook but not as good as Kevin Garnett. Bargnani doesn't have really anything in common with Skita, or Darko for that matter.
I never mentioned Darko.

I mentioned Skita because Skita was compared to Dirk. All three are very similar. Skita just isn't very good, but the skills are there. Skita, coming into his draft, was compared to Dirk. The skills they described for him sound a lot like Bargnani's only Andrea has actually proved his worth.

See what I'm saying? Dirk, Skita, and Andrea are all described as roughly the same player. However, Dirk is the real deal, Skita only looks like that in practice situations, and Bargnani is caught in the middle of it all until he gets to the NBA.

The Brian Cook/Kevin Garnett thing doesn't fly because those guys aren't similar. You may not think Skita and Dirk are similar but they are. They're all 7 foot shooters. Turns out Skita is only a shooter when he's in a gym by himself.
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