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Default Raptors want TJ too?

The Raptors are said to be willing to take on the Bucks' Jamaal Magloire, who doesn't have a big market because he is going into his last season of his contract. He wants to return to his native Canada, so the Raptors could get a home-country discount. The Raptors are said to be willing to deal Charlie Villanueva because they can draft Andrea Bargnani, but supposedly are insisting on point guard T.J. Ford.
-- Chicago Tribune

Has anyone else seen this? Are they nuts? Mags and TJ for CV? Maybe Mags and TJ for Bosh...but CV? I might even consider sending a 2nd next year. How 'bout Mags and TJ, swap 2nd rounders this year for Bosh? I don't even know why they would want another 6'10"-11" guy. That is what Bargnani is isn't he? Would they put him at the 3?
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