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Default Re: Jon Stewart's complete ownage on GOP's 9/11 vote

i love the daily show compilation clips that come at the start of their segments, featuring that week's 'buzz phrases' from either party - though more so from the gop. it completely exposes the top down structure of each side; the party leaders as 'masterful politicians' and the rest as 'dutiful minions', spreading their good word with carefully phrased rhetoric adopted with the purpose of a) promoting some sort of meaningless party unity and b) spreading propaganda to the public. and the buzz-bullsh*t that they come up with can't really be called anything but propaganda. i can't think of any specific examples, but pick any random daily show clip and you'll be sure to find exactly what i'm talking about. it's vague and generic rhetoric that most of these idiot pigeon carrier party representatives couldn't explain in even the simplest detail if pressed. they tout what they're told for the good of red or blue, and frankly, it's despicable that they consider the general public ignorant enough to buy into it - not that that consideration is anything but perfectly accurate of course.

the daily show has done better than the op's video in terms of comedic value, but rarely are their attacks on the gop so valid as this. 'holding congress ransom' - which is more or less what they did, and don't think it'll end at this - is indefensible. that's why stewart was so much more animated and to the point than in other attacks. both parties provide a lot of material for easy potshots and criticism, but as far as new lows go, this was the most underhanded in a while. absolutely shameful.

The sad thing is this clip, as revealing of the general GOP hypocrisy, will never carry any weight or gain any traction. After all Stewart is "just a comedian" on "just a fake news show" and is therefore exempt from being able to say intelligent things.
i think i detect some irony in this post, but nevertheless, it should be said that stewart's a meaningful pundit at this point. no matter how much the far right wants to revoke his credibility by pointing to his chosen profession, he's taken -just- as seriously by a good sized demographic as any other 'real' newscaster. for the good or the bad.
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