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Originally Posted by dwillreg
This is what I would do with each pick if I was the GM of each team.

1. Toronto- Marcus Williams
2. Chicago- Andrea Bargnani
3. Charlotte- Rudy Gay
4. Portland- Adam Morrison
5. Atlanta- LaMarcus Aldridge
6. Minnesota- Brandon Roy
7. Boston- Patrick O’Bryant
8. Houston- JJ Reddick
9. Golden State- Tyrus Thomas
10. Seattle- Cedric Simmons
11. Orlando- Randy Foye
12. New Orleans- Shelden Williams
13. Philadelphia- Kyle Lowry
14. Utah- Rodney Carney
15. New Orleans- Ronnie Brewer
16. Chicago- Quincy Douby
17. Indiana- Sergio Rodriguez
18. Washington- Hilton Armstrong
19. Sacramento- Rajon Rondo
20. New York- Olekiy Pecherov
21. Phoenix- Mouhamed Saer Sene
22. New Jersey- Darius Washington Jr.
23. New Jersey- Leon Powe
24. Memphis- Shawne Williams
25. Cleveland- Jordan Farmar
26. LA Lakers- Gerry McNamara
27. Phoenix- Shannon Brown
28. Dallas- Mike Gansey
29. New York- James White
30. Portland- Alexander Johnson

I know I have some radical opionons but as you can see I like Gerry McNamara and Darius Washington Jr. I don't think Marcus Williams is the best player in the draft, but I do think he is the best fit for the Rapters. Let me know what you like or don't like about this thanks.

That's a good draft except for your #1 pick. I mean c'mon, this is a big man's game. People like to think that D-Wade willed the Heat to a championship, but in truth it was all Shaq. Shaq's presence allows Wade to get double coverage so that he can go off the way he does. So, if teams are going to gamble on a high pick, it's gonna be on a big man that can dictate the pace and style of a game. Look at the championship teams of the last few years. They featured dominant big men: Shaq, Ben Wallace (defensively dominant), Tim Duncan, and well, Shaq. No team without a beast of a big man is going to gamble on Williams at no. 1. Thank God you aren't a GM.
Who are you buy the way? Isaah Thomas?
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