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Originally Posted by ExpatSunsFan
I've got one trade, Philly/NJ. Short explanations only.

1. Toronto--Andrea Bargnani

Bryan Colangelo is trying to trade down, but he'll keep his promise to Bargnani one way or the other. Since there isn't a clear #1 anyway, I doubt the other franchises in the top 5 will be intimidated into giving up value.

2. Chicago--LaMarcus Aldridge

Lots of question marks, but projects to fill a need for Chicago, unlike any of the SFs.

3. Charlotte--Brandon Roy

Bickerstaff and MJ both hate potential, so I can see them picking Roy even though he refused to work out for them.

4. Portland--Adam Morrison

The obvious pick if he's still available.

5. Atlanta--Sheldon Williams

Not good for the Suns as he'll contribute immediately, but the rumored Atlanta/Houston trade is even worse. If Roy is gone, there's no reason for the Rockets to move up.

6. Minnesota--Tyrus Thomas

McHale is the GM most likely to be picking off others' draft boards IMO.

7. Boston--Ronnie Brewer

Ainge is a good scout, and he's unpredictable. He already showed with Gerald Green that hes not afraid of drafting a cripple.

8. Houston--Marcus Williams

I don't know whether they'd pass up Rudy Gay if he dropped, but they could definitely use a replacement for Skip Alston.

9. Golden State--Patrick O'Bryant

Puts former phenom Andris Biedrins on notice that its time to shape up and start producing, because hes only a couple years away from joining his best buds Zarko and Skita on a bench somewhere in Europe.

10. Seattle--Rudy Gay

BPA, and also a need pick, as Rashard Lewis is already shopping for another team.

11. Orlando--Randy Foye

The Magic supposedly like him.

12. New Orleans--Rodney Carney

Rumor has it they made a promise to Hilton Armstrong at 15, so they'll probably look for the best swingman left at #12.

13. New Jersey (from Philadelphia)--Alexander Johnson

If N.J. makes this trade, they're looking for a big man, but I don't know how they rank all of the prospects. If it turns out like this, they're looking at a choice of Johnson, Armstrong and Cedric Simmons.

14. Utah--J.J. Redick

So inevitable, it's hard to believe it won't happen. Redick is the perfect fit for Utah, as he's both painfully white-bread and intensely unlikeable. Also, they need a shooter, and with Deron Williams able to defense both guard spots, they'll be able to hide Redick a little on that end.

15. New Orleans--Hilton Armstrong

The promise pick.

16. Chicago--Sear Sene

Again, it's hard to project players for Chicago because they have so few needs. Thabo Sefolosha is another guy they might look at here.

17. Indiana--Rajon Rondo

Anthony Johnson won't hold up forever.

18. Washington--Sergio Rodriguez

Just to screw the Suns over, no other reason.

19. Sacramento--Thabo Sefolosha

The Kings could use a big, but I expect they won't keep Bonzi, so there's a spot open. Most of all, Sefolosha looks like the BPA here, and the Kings (obviously) aren't afraid of foreign players.

20. New York Knicks--Shawne Williams

Mainly to screw over Philly at 22/23. Seriously, though, as bad as they are, the Knicks can't use immediate help, and Shawne is a good development pick.

21. Phoenix--Shannon Brown

If none of their favorites are available, the Suns will probably look to fill their need here, which is an athletic combo guard who can shoot. I'd prefer Quincy Douby, but the Suns seem to like Shannon better.

22. Philadelphia (from N.J.)--Maurice Ager

If Shawne Williams is gone, they'll probably look for another swing, and Ager has been climbing the mock draft boards recently.

23. Philadelphia (from N.J.)--Cedric Simmons

He's got to go somewhere, right?

24. Memphis--Jordan Farmar

Jerry West isn't as inspiring on draft day as Ainge is, but he's every bit as unpredictable. Most likely, he'll 'reach' for a second-round-type prospect here.

25. Cleveland--Quincy Douby

Another combo guard.

26. Lakers--James White

Supposedly, the Lakers are enamored with him.

27. Phoenix--Oleksiy Pecherov

If they keep this pick, the Suns will be looking for someone they can stash in Europe for another year or two. Who knows, they might even look at Marcus Vinicius if Pecherov is gone.

28. Dallas--Bobby Jones

I think Jones will go in the 30-40 range. He offers a little help immediately, and his upside (Bruce Bowen) will entice Avery Johnson. Most importantly, the Mavs finally seem to be set at center.

29. New York Knicks--Hassan Adams

Lute Olsen will be calling in favors--it looks bad for the program if Hassan crashes and burns right out of college. Isiah is familiar with the UA and could use an effort guy to replace Trevor Ariza.

30. Portland--Paul Davis

They could stand to have another center in development, in case something happens with Przybilla.

This is the best mock draft I have seen so far. I thin k you have really done your research. The one correction that needs to be made is that recently Hassan Adams broke his foot. This will definitely hurt his stock. Other than that, stellar mock draft. You even picked James White to go the Lakers. Good work. I'll tell you this much: the Bulls are gonna be nice next year.

Kirk Hinrich
Ben Gordon
Andres Nocioni
Lamarcus Aldridge
Muhammad Saer Sene

That's and exciting team to watch. I hope the Saer Sene fulfills his potential in the pros.
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