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Default Re: The official bulls rep thread

Originally Posted by Ruh-Roh
K, pretty sure I've covered everyone since the bump, if not tell me.

Camry, we'll get you in the green eventually haha...I'm surprised you were actually able to get that deep, it would be interesting to know who you pissed off so much

Glide2keva I do notice you putting your neck out there for our boy. Lord knows how fast people neg anything praising Rose/Joakim beyone saying they're okay.

Defending your team or any of it's players, even if you're right, will always eventually get you negged.

Secret: Most posters with high reps have them because they decided to exchange with people. I'm sure you've all noticed the horrible posters on the boards here that have very very high reps. It's all from friends. The only posters I know of that gets repped a lot legitimately are ShaqAttack, kblaze, myself (I get negged tons too though, usually from Lakers/Celtics/Knicks fans, Kobe fans, or BTE posters), and a couple others get lots of reps w/o exchanging with people too, who I'm forgetting.

So you guys should definitely exchange with eachother as often as possible, and try to "spread rep around" 5 times a day so you can rep eachother back quicker. That's the whole reason you see most high rep posters despite them rarely contributing and basically being trolls. That's all they did.
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