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Default Re: The official bulls rep thread

Originally Posted by SinJackal
Neg people then. That counts as "spreading rep around".

Eventually you'll find enough people you don't mind repping, enough to get back to your friends and Bulls fans. If you have no one to rep, then just neg a troll or something to be able to come back to the Bulls fans quicker

I pos rep the trolls that aren't at elite-red-bar status just because I know it'll piss them off. Adding "You like red bars too much" or some overtly cheesy praise like "Oh my God I know right! That's so true. ASM??" Or I intentionally neg rep someone I disagree with who's being a total tool but make it look like I tried to pos rep them. "Good post man, cheers." next to a red block probably frustrates the shit out of someone.
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