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Originally Posted by EarlTheGoat
I love how everytime a thread like this is created or a subject like this is created some "coming from daddy" boys say the typical cliche stuff which they dont even know what it means and expect everybody to tap tap them on their backs and tell them: "oh how intelligent you are, how liberal, you right, religions suck".

Dont get confused, im not a religion guy either, not even close, (at least not in a normal way), I just find funny and amusing this kind of things.

If you actually take the 95 % of the garbage and the "burocratic high power institutions" stuff and look close to the remaining 5 %, you can learn something from religion.

And please, lets not pretend we wouldnt think to ourselves "God have mercy on me" in our moment of death.

I love how every time someone makes a thread like this some douche bag like yourself comes in here and makes a post just like that to counter the "liberal idiots" and pretend like they're smart or some voice of reason and balance.
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