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Default Re: Report: Magic- Suns Trade Almost Done

its better on paper for the suns looking at it in a vacuum, but that is not how this works.

gortat is giving the magic nothing. he's worthless on their roster. he gives them like 4 points and 5 boards a game in 16 minutes. that is easy to replace. so they lose nothing with him.

vince is awful and plays no defense and is a playoff choker. you'd much rather have hedo than vince in the playoffs. hedo is a much better fit for this team as well.

j-rich is better than pietrus.

so while on paper its better for the suns in a vacuum...the deal is actually great for orlando as well. the magic are trying to win a title, and they just got a lot better for that.

the deal was done because it helps the suns as well. its mutually beneficial.
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