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Default Re: Jon Stewart's complete ownage on GOP's 9/11 vote

Originally Posted by magnax1
I guess it merits outrage, but outrage doesn't really do much. It's just rather obnoxious, maybe not to everyone, but to me it is.
I guess all I'm really saying is that I hate political commentators as much as I hate politicians.
actually, it seems pretty likely that stewart's dedication to this particular issue, in the absence of any coverage by the 'big four', had a significant impact in finally pushing the bill through. first he popularizes the issue on his show and pounds home points of moral outrage (in comedic fashion as always), and within a week, the bill had passed. what it looks like is that his comedy variety show made waves in the real world. so yeah, i'd say it did do something.

just like outrage can always do something when politicians are forced to pay attention to their constituents. leave your pessimism at the door, because it's not helping and it's not accurate.

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