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Default Re: GOAT Kick Return

Originally Posted by Mr. Grieves
No way. Weak lateral pass followed by a run straight up the side line is boring, only relevant because it won a playoff game.

Fatty 300 pounder has some moves though, and was so close to making it lol.

First he almost muffed it, then right up the gut. The blocking was terrific, the last block was awewome. Coughlin ran up to the punter and wanted to rip his head off , worst way to lose after being up by that much.

But if that o-lineman would have taken to the house, the Jackson punt return would have been the second best return of the day. Fat boy had some wheels, I wish he would have ran over someone, that would have been epic. That big dude scared me, I would have $hit myself if someone that big was coming at me full speed like that.
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