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Default Hey Knick fans..Want your opinion on this..

The pathetic East proposal.You play G.M.


Out of pity,What if David Stern allowed us to combine players from Atlantic teams to form a cohesive and competitive team .Who would you pick from each team?
Stipulation:1- Pick not more than four players from each team
2-Disregard current injured players (like R.J.,Nenad K.,P.Pierce etc.) 3- Pick a Coach from atlantic Coaches too.....ha ha this should be fun, some might go nuts. but you have to.

With this new unified Atlantic team, Do you think its good enough to win the N B A title?

Ok ....lemme see how good a GM you gonna be,have fun.

also, It be nice to hear your reasoning behind picking each player,what they bring to the table etc..etc..
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