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Default Re: Wrasslin: nWo -vs- DX: Who U Got?

Originally Posted by kaiteng
When thinking of it, the Kliq is still one of the most politically powerful group in pro wrestling history. Let's see......
- Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, while his stuffs in the ring are one of the best ever, always ruins somebody's chance to become something in WWF/E, especially around him vs Bret Hart feud where his jerkassness was at his peak.
- Kevin Nash, arguably one of the most smartest guy in pro wrestling, but always slack his way in to get money and highlight spots for himself and his friends while frequently tearing his bicep.
- Paul Levesque, well, he successfully fucked the boss' daughter and now is in the succession line of the company. What else?

Scott Hall and Sean Waltman are basically tagalong dudes of the group, but with some lesser successes (Hall keeps getting hired while still being drunk, Waltman has a sex tape with Chyna).
I wouldn't call Hall a tag a long, Waltman yes.
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