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Default Re: Hey Knick fans..Want your opinion on this..

Here it goes...

I'd try to literally CRUSH the Western Conference from where the new NBA Champ will emerge.

My PG would be Andre Miller. Reason: He feels he has something to prove against the West and he took the Nuggets (a team Knick fans despise) apart. Plus: He's an awesome passer.

My SG would have to be Vince Carter. Reason: He has that killer instinct and flare that a Championship team needs. Plus: He's very explosive and gives you your moneys worth either with a dunk or finishing a team off with a long distance three. He's a great addition to any team. He CAN create.

My SF would have to be David Lee. Reason: I want to start strong and with someone who will give me quality minutes from the first whistle to the last. Plus: Against the West you need as many second chance points that you can. He WILL give you the heart and determination that you need in this league to win a Championship.

My PF would have to be Chris Bosh. Reason: Versatility for his size. He can defend the PF or the C if a double team was needed. Plus: He can score and is a BLOCKER. You need that intimidating presence to back up you C just in case he isn't in position for the rotation on D.

My C would have to Eddie Curry. Reason: He can beat any C down the court and he has developed a decent post up game. Plus: He's young and more agile than MOST of the C's in the West. The guy is a great inside scorer. The West likes to run and gun and he would be able to keep up with ANY of them.

My Sixth man would have to be Wally Sczerbiak. Reason: He's a guy that can shoot, pass and handle the rock. He has size and can play various positions. His size makes him hard to match up against. Plus: You just know he wants to get back at Minnesota.

The rest of my team would have to be: Jason Kidd, Andre Igoudala, Morris Peterson, Al Jefferson, Samuel Dalembert and Stephon Marbury.

My Coach would have to be Pat Riley. Reason: Championships in both Conferences. He is the man in the East compared to the other coaches in that Conference right now. Plus: He's got the Championship attitude and the cool air to him that should rub off on the players.

I think it's a Championship team.
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