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Default Re: How Good Are Isiah's Draft Picks?

Actually Shamgod, I think you are on target -- Isiah needs to hire an assistant coach (not me) for defense. Pat Riley had one -- he was Jeff Van Gundy, and his job was to teach the team defense -- both individual defense and team defense.

Isiah has hired Mark Aguirre to be the teach-the-big-guys-how-to-post-up assistant coach. Now he needs a good assistant to be in charge of defense.

Right now the only way the Knicks stop a team defensively is if the other team misses an open jumper. That means they're not rotating well. The other team always has guys wide open for jumpers.

I don't think it's the players that you draft that make you good defensively. That helps, but you can also teach" team and individual defense. You can't teach free-throw shooting, but you can teach defense.
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