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Originally Posted by TomPenge30
Yahoo, head to head 12 team league. I am currently in first in my leagueI check the stat sheets and mathews scores a lot but nothing big in steal, rebounds, assists etc. Does he have a spot on my team? If so who should I drop?

pg: Paul, Westbrook, kidd, collinson
sg; affalo dorell wright
sf: carl landry, grant hill
pf: tyrus thomas , millsap
c: frye, hortford, cousins

other fa's:landry fields, kris humphries, sefolosha, t prince, ben gordon, rip hamilton,

I'd dump cousins for humphries and carl landry for matthews. I'd try to get Landry Fields too, just not sure who to dump for him.

Maybe you can work out a 2 for 1 trade. Your WW has got some talent.
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