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Default Re: IF we trade Melo, what deal would you want?

Originally Posted by MightyWhitey;_yl...ynuggets123010

Just like the front office exec said "Denver needs to get real" about the 5 picks.

The Nets, although they may appear to be the favorites to win Melo, may still be shuffling around 5 picks after Feb. Melo made his intentions loud and clear. He wants to join the Knicks, a team that will make it to the playoffs this season, and a city he wants to return to. He will only sign an extension if traded to the Knicks. Melo may get what he wants.

Not so fast..he ain't won yet. If he dosent take the Nets offer he can lose close to 30 million dollars See this contract has to be signed this season to get the 65 million. Any contract signed after the season is over will not be even close to what Denver offered.
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