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Default Re: Top 3 teams in the west- Lakers, Spurs, Mavs

Originally Posted by NoEasy9
Lakers are the clear favorites in the about the regular season record all you like, but they are still the favorites.

They have too much size. And it's not like they are just big and nothing more. Their bigs are more athletic, mobile, and skilled than every other big in the league...not just the West, the whole league. When your team is like that, you are the clear favorites.

If the Lakers dont make it to the Finals, it is because they didnt play the best of their abilities.

This is the pain of watching this undisciplined team. They just turn it on and off like a switch, especially Pau Gasol. He takes nights off, and then when decides to play one night...the Lakers look unstoppable.

this. especially the gasol part. Kobe needs to step up and do something about that. whether its building him up by paying him like 50K per made shot or going christian bale on him idk.
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