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Originally Posted by JordanPippenRodman
Delonte who?
Delonte West, in case you were wondering, a better overall player than Duhon.

But I am for this trade. Duhon makes the pg spot secure for us, and the 16th pick could still net us Saer Sene. I'll take Duhon and Sene over Marcus Williams.

And if we trade for Duhon, no way do we draft Rondo. That wouldn't make sense when we still have Delonte and are at least invested in Dickau.
Production wise we're basically getting Dan Dickau 2 and dropping 9 spots in the draft, how does this benefit the team?
There's a difference, and it's major: Duhon is a good defender. If Dan could defend he'd probably be our starting point guard.
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