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Default Re: I'm quitting smoking.

Since I've failed last time I wont to make it better the next time. And I don't want to be one of those people who quit smoking but start smoking days later over and over again and complaining while they smoking like 'man I shouldn't do this blabla'...
So I've been thinking bout this sht lately.
I try to share some of my thoughts.

1) Be aware that you're not aloud to smoke a cigarette for the rest of you life
not one. never. ever ever ever. This is extremly important and the reason why most people fail. Chew on that. The thing is that one cigarettes causes no harm and there are a lot of part-time smokers who doing just fine with smoking at spezial occasions. But no cigarettes for you sir. never.

2)Realize all the good thing smoking brought for you
People saying it's just rubbish: you lose money and you ruin your health and so on. If you right now believe that smoking is just bs, you will have a haaaard time. You have to think on all the positiv as well. You have to, because if it's really just bs you would not smoke and this trigger-situations will come along. They will. The positive is diffrent for everyone. It might be: The cigarette after eating, the cigarette with the coffee, the cigarette after sex, the cigarettes when you're drunk, the fck-ya-I'm-going-out-for-a-smoke-cigarette, the peaceful I've-done-my-job-and-chill-outside-and-stare-in-the-sky-cigarrette, the I'm-waiting-for-the-train-cigarette, the look-at-me-I'm-anti-cigarette...
You have to find a way to deal with the loss of that.

3)Keep yourself motivated
Do yourself something good for some time as a non-smoker. And remember all the good you're doing for your health. Maybe a good book which shows all the consequences will help. (Don't buy this shocking bs, most smokers never lose their legs...)

Consider medical help and get chewing gums or whatever. People will say it's all in your head and you just have to have the will but I know people which are glad they had that help. The nicotine-addiction is a very subtle, tricky thing. Don't underestimate the addiction.

And if you're a weed-smoker: Don't compensate your cigarettes with weed... That happend to me...
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