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Default Re: Need input on my lineup ASAP:

Originally Posted by benJAMin
I'd consider taking out Nate and Dudley, only because theyre in situations where they potentially get limited mins off the bench, so they could get hot but could just as likely be cold, and you dont need their peripheral stats anyway. Just a guess though.

Thanks, Nate has been shooting badly this week. Big Baby had a bad game against the Hornets, Rondo just came off of injury (and still may not play tonight). Kleiza will be guarded by Pierce/Marquis tonight so he may not do anything.

Vince and Dudley are playing the Kings.

Scola against Portland's frontline should mean a decent game, and Cousins against Phoenix's frontline (plus he's coming off of a damn good game).

I'm almost thinking of leaving only the bigs and VC/Dudley... Hmm.
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