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Default Re: I'm quitting smoking.

Originally Posted by Abd El-Krim
Before I actually stopped, I first cut down on the ritual smoking. No cig when first waking up, no cig after a meal, no cig before bed, etc. This got me down to probably 4-5 per day.

Around that point I told everybody I knew that I had quit, and was forced to smoke when nobody else was around. And I couldn't reek of smoke either. Anyway, eventually I was down to just one or two per day whenever I could sneak them at which point stopping was easy.

One other thing I did was always keep cigarettes in the house, for months after I quit. The strongest ingrained behavior for me was buying cigarettes when I didn't have any. If the thought occurred to me that I had no cigarettes, muscle memory kicked in and 20 minutes later I was 3 into a new pack. Crazy stuff.
wow, that is really interesting right there...

I have quit now for a while, but I know what you are talking about...if you don't have any smokes, you are going to think about buying them all time...
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