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Default Re: IF we trade Melo, what deal would you want?

Originally Posted by MightyWhitey
Not really. Melo knows that coming to the NYK will guarantee him another financial outlet that would be far more lucrative in a city built on money. Marketing deals. Commercials. Advertisements. His stock will generate more money in NY in the long run. Stoudemire is treated like royalty here. I imagine Melo would attract the same respect and possibly even more considering the environment he will be in. The options are always there. Melo knows that. And if he wants a ring he knows that the NYK are definitely in a position to do so if he joins the team. The Nets have alot of rebuilding to do. And they have alot more IFS??? than the NYK.

The ONLY ring that Melo could get in NYC is the ring around his bathtub As long as Boston or Orlando is in the east you can forget about even dreaming bout a ring.
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