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Learning to shoot layups
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Hmm I dont know if the band wagon fans want another good citizen.I am in no way a racist but I play basketball alot at mount moria and other "hood courts".When ever I am up there talking grizzlies the guys always call us trash or soft.They want latrell sprewell of all guys cause he's "real".I fell that thug type guy that will cross you over and then dunk in your face.We thought it was goin to be dhantay jones but he has not delivered .We all thought if he got more playing time he would be a factor .We were wrong,I personally have always thought this was true also.Look at j-will he had alot of fans but no real basketball enthusiast liked him.I want this "thug player".Whether through trade or draft,and I dont mean media mishap thug I mean that on the court in your face guy.Or just a street style player that has upside like rashard lewis,or desmond mason.Ricky davis would be cool,j.r. smith would be good he is a high school guy with good upside.I want some change boozer or martin are welcome in my book.
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