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Default Smart to pick up Noah and stick him on the bench?

What do you guys think? I just lost Caron Butler for the year, and I am thinking of picking up Noah.. He didn't have a SERIOUS surgery so I expect him to play normal as soon as he returns. From what I read, he is still able to stay in regular shape and work out after the surgery. He was able to play basketball after the injury before he had the surgery. Based on that, I think he will be fine when he returns.. Thoughts?

I already dropped Butler for George Hill. Should I drop Ariza for Noah? or Leandro Barbosa for Noah? I can also drop James Harden, but he is more consistent lately and I could use all the points/assists possible.

Couple leagues I am in and this one, my players are slowly starting to drop like flies. I hope Dirk returns in a day or 2 or I am going to regret trading Tony Parker/Kevin Martin.
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