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Default Huh?

First of all, Delonte West is a better all around player, a better shooter, a better scorer, more athletic and more clutch than Chris Duhon. Chris Duhon has NEVER impressed me and Delonte West converted me because I always liked Marcus Banks better than him starting until I saw what he could do at the one this season. Delonte isn't a PURE PG...if the C's get a chance at Marcus Williams, cool...but NOT Chris Duhon...he's just mediocre. I don't see the Celtics making any noise in the East with Duhon starting at point. Dan Dickau would be the Celtics starting point under NO CIRCUMSTANCES. The ONLY reason he ever started in the NBA was because he was on a HORRID team in New Orleans. He can't defend and he's at best a backup...I just would like him to backup SOMEONE another city.

Saer Sene is a PROJECT. He can turn into a rehash of Jerome Moiso..he isn't a proven player yet and he wouldn't help the C's IMMEADIATELY...they need to make the playoffs THIS SEASON. There's NO chance in hell of them doing that with Chris Duhon OR Saer Sene in green...haven't the C's made ENOUGH bad moves? Duhon and Dickau? LMAO! One.
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